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saturday, november 1st by brghtnmtz
November 2, 2008, 12:59 pm
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or: the day samson, goliath, and two affiliates survived a motherfolking car crash.

you read correctly. we got into a full-fledged car accident today, all due to a tambourine, of all the things. we were driving down eleventh east in our guitar tech’s jeep when we decided to hold an impromptu drum jam. let’s just say distractions, plus quickly stopping, plus a literally packed car all conspire to give the members of s&g matching leg-wounds. seriously. we’re all okay, but elan and i have matching scrapes and down-to-the-bone bruises on the same spot, different legs. it’s crazy. also, both cars were completely fine. this is what we call divinity on our side.


besides that, the demo is done. the demo is done. the demo is done. o, how long i have waited to type those words. the demo is done. it’s called Hello by Samson & Goliath, and right now is just art direction. it’ll be out for purchase soon.

thanks to everyone who came to our halloween show. we apologize for the weird scheduling conflicts that arose, but to anybody who came and had to leave early, we just appreciate that you were there at all.

keep a weather eye out for more news and shows.

brighton (s&g)


saturday, october 25th by brghtnmtz
October 26, 2008, 11:29 am
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ellen page starred in a movie called Hard Candy that literally just scared the shit out of me. this movie shook goliath to the great hulk’s core. oh, my!

the news.

the news goes like this; 1. baracking the vote. 2. elor took his ACTs today. pray to mister buddha that he gets to rest just a little bit this next week. 3. and then there’s actual news.

this is the actual news, in between booking shows and recording and practicing and our (by which i mean eluh’s) school schedules, we’ve had the time to write new songs. we’ve got an idea brewing for the next EP we’ll put out after our demo that we think you’ll like. it’s going to be a folk-influenced album, but what with the stuff we’ve been writing, it’s sounding great. we’re still the same eel and brain. just taking what we know about music and putting our heads together and making something… wicked.

so look forward to hearing that at the show on HALLOWEEN, which is something else we should mention. it’s going to be awesome. cafe marmalade (361 n. 300 w.) at eight PM, we’ll be playing some favorites of ours, some halloween songs, and even making a bunch of your favorite puns. we’re so punny! all your friends will be there. garrett weixler, that saucy devil, and scarlet lace, some people you probably have heard of, and of course, us, the cheeseballs.

looooove yoooouuuu.

monday, october 20th by brghtnmtz
October 21, 2008, 10:49 am
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who’s ready for a new show announcement?
we are.
sorry for not posting, it was a slow news… uh… month.

please please please come dressed up.

please please please come dressed up.

we’ll expect to see you there.
it’ll be a fun time for all, since we’ll be playing all our darker songs, and a few little fun surprises, too.
come and support local preschool indie. (we ain’t old school or new school. we’re preschool.)

thursday, october 2nd by brghtnmtz
October 2, 2008, 9:11 pm
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happy october, bitches.
so we’re getting close to finishing up this demo of ours and we’re thinking it might be a blast idea to throw a demo release party. we’ll have more information upcoming soon, but everyone’s welcome and we probably will keep the cover charge low. (if we have one)

good times will be had, like drinking booze and driving recklessly and throwing bricks through windows.

just kidding, we’ll probably have a punch bowl full of dry ice and a bowl of spaghetti noodles. I MEAN… GUTS. yeah, guts. so stay posted, we’ll let you know as shit goes down.

sunday, september 28th by brghtnmtz
September 29, 2008, 10:49 am
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so we had a pretty fucking awesome show last night. it was good, and we weren’t the best, but we had a balls. a balls.

you’ll notice the design has changed a little bit.

also, if you somehow figure out where pages are, you’ll see the page of pictures of our merchandise, which you can pick up at our next show (whenever that may be). much love.

tuesday, september 23rd by brghtnmtz
September 23, 2008, 9:22 pm
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exciting, impatient, important news.

as you all should know, we are playing in correspondence with The Tedronai Project this saturday the twenty-seventh. (show at 7:00 pm, six dollars at the door) we had hoped to have our new demo all finished and recorded by then, but it looks like that’s not quite a possibility. we’re trying to make the best EP we can for our little mishkas.┬ábe glad we’re not just throwing shit together.

so let’s all cross our fingers for it to be released soon soon soon soon soon.

while we (probably) won’t have the demo out for your purchase by saturday, we WILL have other useless trinkets and baubles. such as? such as stickers! pictures will be up tonight in their own special page at the header, but we’ve got stickers for both animal lovers and NRA supporters. we also just may have a few shirts, however, those will be very limited and may cost about two-hundred dollars each.

sort of

we may have posters for grabs, too. all of these things will also be made available through other mediums, like an online store or cafepress or something. that link will be up when we have it.

oh, when will you all get sick of our empty promises and lies?

saturday, september 13th by brghtnmtz
September 14, 2008, 8:54 am
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it’s a little depressing how all our grown-up friends are growing up. having babies and moving on. if it were us, we’d be hiding it like a pair of earrings in our pockets. not that we condone shoplifting, or anything. but really, you guys, stop leaving us behind in the dust. makes us feel small.

hey, are you one of those people who believes god is an old bearded man? cause we know a lot of people with crazy beards. crazy beards.

oh what’s the difference anyway? this is one of those posts like the ones on our myspace where i just write until i feel satisfied about how unsatisfied i feel. i won’t be happy until this band runs itself into the ground, and that entails having some sort of crazy rise to fame and then a crash and burn and redemption twenty years after you’ve all forgotten us. “here’s a song you old-timers might recognize, from salt lake’s very own samson & goliath.” i think i ought to stop reading words from people i thought i knew, since words like those just make me feel like disappearing.


are you all as anxious as we for Hello to be out into the ether?